Guide shopware cd-edition extension


The heidelpay corporate design-edition plugin (CD-edition) can be installed from the community store from Shopware. Login to your shop-backend and click on configuration → plugin manager.


In the search field type in heidelpay. Afterwards you will receive the plugin Heidelpay Corporate Design-Edition. Click on Installieren. The plugin will be downloaded and can be activated. Follow Mangament/Installed. You will find the plugin heidelpay CD-Edition at the inactive plugins.


Click on the green plus sign. The plugin is now active. You will be forwarded to the activation of the plugin. Set activ to ye

 Please make sure that the php extension “bc-math” is installed on your system.


The settings of the plugins can be made either in the plugin manager or in

Configuration Basic Settings.


Open  Payment Methodes and the sub task Heidelpay CD-Edition.


– If you are using different languages or sub shops you have to make the specific settings.
– If you are using an upstream proxy, please take make sure that this URLs will not be cached:

  • SHOPURL/PaymentHgw/gateway
  • SHOPURL/account/payment
  • SHOPURL/account/payment/sTarget/checkout

To make use of the heidelpay module to the fullest, please empty the shop cache after the module installation and copy all the themes. It is causing display errors or a dysfunction if it is not made


Login and payment data for the test system can be find here sandbox-environment


To make use of a live payment system you have to change the login data. Replace the consigned data with the received data from the heidelpay support.
Set the Sandbox Mode on no and transfer the settings by clicking the save button.

Please contact the heidelpay support if you need assistance:

supportmail or by telephone 06221 / 65170-10.

Activate Payment Methods

Switch to  Configuration Payment Methods


Choose the favored payment methods (f.e. heidelpay CD-edition credit card).


You are able to adapt the designation and the additional description to your favour. (f.e. designation: „Visa / Mastercard“)

Klicken Sie nun noch unter Aktiv

Click on activ  in the field payment method to activate and save the settings. To finalize the process you have to add the payment method in the dispatch costs. Follow Configuration→ Shipping costs and choose the dispatch method.


Click on Edit shipping costs.


Switch to the tab Payment methods and add the payment methods to the list of allowed methods.


All settings are done and can be used by the plugin of the heidelpay GmbH.

Notification: As soon as the changes in the settings are done you should empty the shop cache.


The payment methods creditcard, debitcard, direct debit and PayPal offer the possibility for a customer recognition. It accelerates the payment process of the customer. Set the booking mode on registration


Through this the customer types in the payment data and can use this anytime afterwards. If the customer is changing the dispatch address f.e. the payment data hast to be typed in again. You can regulate in the module if your customers are still allowed to make use of the payment data after changing the dispatch address. Therefore just set on Yes and save it.



Please not that the registration of the payment data is an additional transaction with costs.


Since 01.02.2016 it is necessary to transfer the BIN separately, because the BIN is included in the IBAN.

For this reason the direct debit form does not include the BIN.

In case you prefer to show the BIN anyway you can adapt the files in the module. In the following files you will find the details which can be used for the display and verification:


Emotion Template:

  • Views/frontend/register/hp_payment.tpl
  • Views/frontend/register/hp_payment_dd.tpl
  • Views/frontend/payment_hgw/gateway.tpl
  • Views/_resources/javascript/valPayment.js

Responsive Template:

  • Views/responsive/frontend/register/hp_payment.tpl
  • Views/responsive/frontend/register/hp_payment_dd.tpl
  • Views/responsive/frontend/payment_hgw/gateway.tpl
  • Views/responsive/frontend/_public/src/js/valPayment.js

Furthermore there is the option Zahlungsinformation per Mail send which is an email send to the customer with payment information (Mandate reference-ID, etc.). To activate the automatic mail you have to set the option on Yes.


To make use of the payment method   gesicherte Lastschrift you have to make sure that the invoice and dispatch address are conform. To ensure this please make an entry in the Risk-Management.

Click on Configuration-> Risk-Managementand choose the payment method Heidelpay CD-Edition Lastschrift .

If the payment method doesn´t appear, you have to proof if the payment method is activated. Set in the drop-downShipping address != Billing address and leave the following field empty. Confirm it by clicking on the save button.


Furthermore it is necessary to set the  Direct debit with guarantee

in the heidelpay CD-edition plugin on Yes.


Please note that an additional contract is needed for the use of secured direct debit.


PostFinance is a Swiss payment method and is only available in the currency Swiss  Franc.

To guarantee that your customers are able to use the payment method, you have to make an entry in theRisk-Managemen.

Click on Configuration Risk-Management and choose the payment method „Heidelpay CD-Edition PostFinance“. If the payment method doesn´t appear proof if the payment method is activated.

Set in the drop-down Currency Iso IS NOTand type in the field CHF. Confirm the settings by clicking on the Save button.

Furthermore it is important that the invoice country is Switzerland. Hereby you have to make an additional entry in the risk-management. Set in the drop-down Country IS NOT and type in the field CH. Confirm the setting by clicking on the save button



To make use of the payment method  purchase on account you have to make sure that the invoice and dispatch address are the same. To guarantee this you have to make an entry in the Risk-Management.

Click on Configuration-> Risk-Managementand choose the payment method Gesicherter Rechnungskauf Heidelpay CD-Edition.

If the payment method doesn´t appear, you have to proof if the payment method is activated. Set in the drop-downShipping address != Billing address and leave the following field empty. Confirm it by clicking on the save button.


Furthermore it is necessary to activate the push-feature by the heidelpay support.

If a customer pays in the shop you can see the order in the shop backend. Click on the edit button

There is a new Heidelpay tab:


If you click the new tab you will find a transaction overview for the order.

As soon as the product is ready for dispatch click the Finalize button.



As soon as the dispatch was confirmed an invoice will be generated.

Switch to documents and choose the document-type Invoice set the dispatch date on the current date click on Generate document.


The invoice will be generated and the data for the gesicherter Rechnungskauf will be registered automatically.


If you would like to use SofortSofortüberweisung in combination with this module, please contact the heidelpay support who will configure the channel for you. The project has to be configurated without payment data,

Please contact the heidelpay support via mail
supportmail or by telephone 06221 / 64 71 100

Abo Commerce

The heidelpay CD edition plugin supports also the shopware own abo solution (Abo Commerce) The following heidelpay payment methods are supported:

  • Creditcard
  • Debitcard
  • Direct Debit
  • PayPal (you have to request PayPal recurring transactions)

To make the payment methods functional for Abo commerce the Bookingmode of the payment method has to be set on registration:


In addition a channel for credit card and debit card has to be consigned for abos without 3D Secure:


If you are applying 3D Secure on your main channel you have to contact one of the sales persons from heidelpay.


Similar to secured Invoice a document with detailed payment information can be generated for the payment method heidelpay CD-Edition Rechnung. Open the ordering details and navigate to document. Choose the document-type Invoice and click on generate.


Afterwards find in  generate document a new entry with the generated invoice.


The invoice includes standard-information likewise a part with payment information.

Visual Customization

Since the module version16.03.22 the white label form was replaced by an iframe, because of the payment card industry data security standard version 3.0 (PCI 3.0)

The iframe can be adapted by an own CSS-file.

In the plugin configuration you will find two separate input fields.



Please consign an absolute path starting with http(s):// for the specific CSS-file.

An example for a visual adaptation of the iframe can be find here:


The „outside“adaptation like height and length will be changed in the following file:


Note that you consign a valid CSS, because otherwise it will lead to interpretation errors with the heidelpay payment extension.

Please contact the heidelpay support if you have any questions.

The Heidelberger Payment GmbH doesn´t take any responsibility for any customization in the extension.


This section shows an overview of template-files, which were changed by heidelpay. Please review these files so that executed (visual) adaptations still endure.

Version 16.03.22:

  • HeidelGateway/Views/frontend/payment_hgw/cancel.tpl
  • HeidelGateway/Views/frontend/payment_hgw/gateway.tpl
  • HeidelGateway/Views/frontend/register/hp_checkout.tpl
  • HeidelGateway/Views/frontend/register/hp_payment.tpl
  • HeidelGateway/Views/frontend/register/hp_payment_cc.tpl
  • HeidelGateway/Views/frontend/register/hp_payment_dc.tpl
  • HeidelGateway/Views/frontend/register/hp_payment_dd.tpl
  • HeidelGateway/Views/frontend/register/hp_payment_va.tpl
  • HeidelGateway/Views/responsive/payment_hgw/cancel.tpl
  • HeidelGateway/Views/responsive/payment_hgw/gateway.tpl
  • HeidelGateway/Views/responsive/register/hp_payment.tpl
  • HeidelGateway/Views/responsive/register/hp_payment_cc.tpl
  • HeidelGateway/Views/responsive/register/hp_payment_dc.tpl
  • HeidelGateway/Views/responsive/register/hp_payment_dd.tpl
  • HeidelGateway/Views/responsive/register/hp_payment_va.tpl


For an adaptation of an already existing error notification login to the backend and click on  Configuration Snippets.


You will find all the needed text modules. The heidelpay error notifications can be found by the namespace frontend/payment_heidelpay/error or if you are looking in the search function for HPError.


You can adapt specific error notifications with the edit button

To consign new error notifications login in the backend and click  Configuration Snippets onAdd snippet.


Chose the suitable localisation and the shop.

The namespace for a new error notification is: frontend/payment_heidelpay/errorthe name for the error notifications is build like this:

HPError- 100.100.303

HPError- is a fixed description for the identification of the error notification
100.100.303 -describes the error code for the error notification.

If you need an error notification for example for the error code 909.808.707 the name of the error notification is: HPError-909.808.707

The respective error codes can be taken from the error code-list which you have received from your sales contact person.

received from your sales contact person.

Important: Keep in mind to translate the error notifications otherwise the error will not be displayed in every language.

If there is no text mode for the error code, the error ‚HPError-default‘ will appear.


Name Error code
error message DE error message EN
HPError-default Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten
bitte versuchen Sie es erneut
An error has occur, please try again
HPError-100.100.101 100.100.101 Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihre Eingaben Please verify your payment data
HPError-100.100.303 100.100.303 Die Karte ist abgelaufen card expired
HPError-100.100.500 100.100.500 Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihre Eingaben Please verify your payment data
HPError-100.396.101 100.396.101 Abbruch durch Benutzer Canceled by user
HPError-100.400.110 100.400.110 Bitte wählen Sie eine andere Zahlart Please choose another payment method
HPError-800.100.151 800.100.151 Bitte wählen Sie eine andere Zahlart Please choose another payment method
HPError-800.100.152 800.100.152 Bitte wählen Sie eine andere Zahlart Please choose another payment method
HPError-800.100.153 800.100.153 Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihre Eingaben Please verify your payment data
HPError-800.100.157 800.100.157 Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihre Eingaben Please verify your payment data
HPError-800.100.159 800.100.159 Bitte wählen Sie eine andere Zahlart Please choose another payment method
HPError-800.100.160 800.100.160 Bitte wählen Sie eine andere Zahlart Please choose another payment method
HPError-800.100.168 800.100.168 Bitte wählen Sie eine andere Zahlart Please choose another payment method
HPError-800.100.171 800.100.171 Bitte wählen Sie eine andere Zahlart Please choose another payment method
HPError-800.300.101 800.300.101 Bitte wählen Sie eine andere Zahlart Please choose another payment method


The heidelpay plugin generates during the installation a backend user with admin rights. The user will only be generated to make a filter of the login entry possible.

This user makes it possible that no one can login or take a look at any data of the shop.

Possible email addresses for this user are, depending on the module version: or



Since the module version 15.02.12 there is the possibility that the module triggers transactions in the shop backend.

Before you can make use of the new backend functionality you have to uninstall the old backend module Heidelpay Backend Plugin (HeidelActions).

To trigger a transaction in the shop backend please choose the right order → Orders and click on „show details“ to see the details of your order.

In the upper section of the new window you will find Heidelpay. Here you can see and trigger the possible transactions for the order.

Please note that you can only trigger a Refund for the first Capture, Receipt respectively Debit for the module.

For further functionalities use the  Heidelpay Intelligence Platform (hIP). Furthermore you have to note that the advertisement in the backend of the shop can only show transactions which are notified by the shop using push service.




A capture is a transaction which collects a reserved amount f.e. for a booking via credit card.


A Refund is a transaction which refunds a captured amount.


A Rebill is a transaction which initiates a new capture for a payment.


A Reversal is a transaction which withdraws a reservation. If a Reversal was made only partly, the remaining amount can only be captured.


A Finalize is a transaction which reports the dispatch of the product.


The payment status for the single orders will not be influenced by transactions from the backend.

If you wish an adaptation of the payment status you can do the following steps:

Write your own module and register in the install()– method of the module on the hook callDoRequest.


Afterwards write an appropriate logic for your method, f.e.:


public function meth(Enlight_Hook_HookArgs $args){
  $params = $args->getReturn();
  $payCode = explode('.', $params['PAYMENT_CODE']);
  $pay['payMeth'] = strtolower($payCode[0]);
  $pay['payType'] = strtolower($payCode[1]);
  $transactionId = $params['IDENTIFICATION_TRANSACTIONID'];
  $sessionId = $params['CRITERION_SESS'];
  $order = $this->getOrder($transactionId);
  if($params['PROCESSING_RESULT'] == 'ACK'){
    if($pay['payType'] == 'rf'){
      Shopware()->Modules()->Order()->setPaymentStatus($order['id'], 20, false);

Via $args->getReturn()you will receive a return value of the hooked method. Afterwards you are able to adapt the data individually.

getOrder iis an own method which loads the specific orders from the database. This is necessary to receive the order-ID for the method setPaymentStatus.

This example shows how with the help of Shopware()->Modules()->Order()->setPaymentStatus($order['id'], 20, false)

the payment status for an order with a „refund“ (RF) will be set on „20“. This status correlates a „re-credit“.

The available payment status can be taken from the data account table  s_core_states.

Nice to know



The push-notifications is a process to send status updates to the shop independently from the payment process. F.e.: Incoming payments for prepayment or chargeback.

Please contact the heidelpay support to activate the push-notifications for the domain.

Note for divergent baskets

In cases of manipulation it is possible that the basket and the actual paid basket differ from each other.

In these cases the plugin sets the status of the order on

Partly Paid. . Furthermore the order will be provided with ShortID: XXXX.XXXX.XXXX | Suspected manipulation! Please check the amount of the order and the amount payment | Amount paid: XX.XX

You will find the order-details in Communication in the field Your comment.

Responsive Template of Tab10

If you are using a responsive template of Tab10 it is possible that a Shopware error will appear on the page of the payment method selection, because no payment ID was transferred.

In that case replace the following file:

This row:
< div class="row form_row {if $smarty.foreach.register_payment_mean.last}method_last{else}method{/if}" >

By this row:
< div class="grid_15 row form_row {if $smarty.foreach.register_payment_mean.last}method_last{else}method{/if}" >