magento cd-edition manual


You can receive our magento extension from heidelpay github account.


Please download the newest version and extract the data. Follow the folders up to the folder containing app, skin and js. Please upload this forders and everthing in it to our magento home dir.

Now you can go on with the configuration.

Composer installation

Our extension can also be installed using composer. If your shop already uses composer for the magento installation or other extensions, you can add heidelpay by executing:

composer require "heidelpay/magento-cd-edition

Now you can go on with the configuration.


Login to the backend of your shop and click on System Configuration, in the section Sales you will find the slide:


If you receive an error 404 it means that your shop hasn´t reloaded the permissions.Please log out of the backend and login again.

In this task bar you are able to configure the account data for heidelpay as well as you are able to do some system configurations.

In general the extension comes with sandbox configuration. You are not able to charge any customer with this sandbox account.

If you would like to start with the productive payment, you have to type in your heidelpay account data and switch to Sandbox to no.


If you have different login data for each single store you are able to make a selection in this section:


Save the settings.

Afterwards you have to configure each single payment method. Change to Sales  ->Payment Methods.


The title is the name of the payment method and how it is displayed in the shop and identified in the emails. The title can be edited by you. Note that if you are using different languages, you have to edit this for each single store.


Hereby you activate the payment in your shop.


Type in the channel ID for the payment which you have received from heidelpay. During the installation a channel for the test system will be consigned.


For some payments it is possible to configure the booking mode.
Select ‘Direct Booking’ to perform the payment transaction immediatly or ‘Preauthorization’ in order to perform a reservation first and capture the amount later during the creation of the invoice.


Some payments support a recognition of the customer, f.e. credit card (During your last purchase you have used the credit card 523205******0003, would you like to use it again?“). The recognition configuration can be set for all payments who are supporting a recognition. The configuration nur bei gleichbleibender Lieferaddresse assumes that the customer is using the same delivery dates like in the order before. It is helpful for fraud prevention. An extra transaction for payments with Kreditkarte and Debitkarte is necessary for the registration of the data.

Automatic Invoice and dispatch

With this setting you are able to configure if the plugin should generate an automatic invoice and if it should be send per mail to the customer. It only takes place if there was already a cash flow.

Sort order

Hereby you determine the order of the payment methods in the shop.

Minimum amount in Cent

From this amount the payment method is available in the shop.

Maximum amount in Cent

If the amount is higher the payment method will not be offered.

Permitted countries/country selection

Decide for which countries the payment method should be offered.

Save the configuration. The configuration can be adapted via the selection on store and view level.


You are able to follow the order details and see exactly how the payment process is progressed.

You are able to follow the ordering details and you can see the status of the payment process. For example a payment with credit card which was reserved in the shop. You are able to see, that the customer has received the form at 15:38 for the credit card data and that the payment finished at 15:39. The invoice was online at 16:48 by the operator of the shop, wherefore the amount of 155€ was captured. .


The transaction overview shows all transactions which are made in the shop:

Backend Transactions from Magento


Some payment methods (i. e. credit card) support the booking mode reservation, in this case the amount will be reserved and not immediately captured. The reservation will be available for a specific number of days. When you are selecting the order in the Magento backend you can generate an invoice for the order by selecting Capture Online. If you are generating an invoice in this way, the amount will be captured from the credit card by the heidelpay system.

magento heidelpay online capture


To make a refund in Magento you have to open the invoice which should be refunded and click the button magento heidelpay credit memo

Generate the refund and click the Refund button.

magento heidelpay online refund

The refunded amount can not be higher than the total amount of the invoice.
A part refund is possible, for example when a customer returned part of the goods.

Finalize (start insurance)

To start the insurance in case of a secured payment method a finalize transaction needs to be issued. This takes place in the Magento workflow when a shipment is performed.
In order to do so open the order and click the button .

Finalize and start invoice by clicking  Submit Shipment

Part shipment is not supported.

Cancel before payment (Reversal)

Please select an invoice and click the button in order to cancel an order at heidelpay. A reversal transaction will be visible within hIP.
This action can not be reversed.

This is applicable whenever a customer cancels an order before payment.
No matter whether a finalize has been performed or not.
A part reversal is not possible from Magento backend.


The new Magento plugin can receive transactions independently from the payment flow with the help of the so-called push notifications. F.e. incoming payment with advanced payment.

Please forward your push URL to the heidelpay support.


The heidelpay support is available via mail supportmail or phone 06221-6471-100.


If you are planning to make use of Sofortüberweisung or if Sofortüberweisung is already available please contact the heidelpay support. The heidelpay support will configure the Sofortüberweisung project without the information from the account data.

The heidelpay support is available via mail supportmail or phone 06221-6471-100..




The difference to the old plugin is that the payment status is not individually configurable anymore. During the development of the module we have focused on the Order Workflow  of Magento.

magento order flow

Nevertheless if you need different status it is possible with an adaptation in the module.

app/code/community/HeidelpayCD/Edition/Model/Payment/Abstract.php find 4 functions

  • getStatusPendig()
  • getStatusError()
  • getStatusSuccess()
  • getStatusPartlyPaid()

If you like to adapt this, it influences all heidelpay CD edition payment methods. An alternative is that you can copy and adapt f.e. the 4 functions like the Hcdcc.php and change the performance only for the payment creditcard.


Currently only the magento checkout is supported. In case you are using a foreign checkout it could lead to dysfunctions.


The heidelpay CD edition plugin is a so-called whitelable plugin. It means that all forms are directly in your shop and therefore the design of the shop is not changing. By reason of the new PCI 3 standards the forms for creditcard and debitcard are excluded. (see Whitelable Payment Frame) If you like to make adaptations on the forms, you should notice that id=““, name=““ and class=”““” are not allowed to be changed, because it could affect the performance of the plugin. We recommend the class attribute to enlarge the defined class.


<label class="required hcd-singleline-label">*<?php echo $this->__('Card number') ?></label>

<label class="required hcd-singleline-label meineClass">*<?php echo $this->__('Card number') ?></label>

Conflicts and disfunctions are avoided.


Commonly the texts and translations in Magento can be found here: app/local/{Sprache}/HeidelpayCD_Edition.csv

This data can be changed by you. Be aware that you secure the data before doing an update.

Error messages

You can also find some error messages in the text module. You can identify them by

HPError- If an error appears during the order process the plugin is proving if the error code is existing in the text file and shows the corresponding text f.e.

F.e. "HPError-100.100.303","Card expired"

If this text is not available the standard error message will appear.

„An unexpected error occurred. Please contact us to get further information.“

It is up to you whether you like to adapt the error massage not.

Whitelable Payment Frame

By reason of the PCI 3 payment standard the previous form in the shop were replaced by the new whitelable payment frame. This frame has the opportunity to transfer a CSS for the visual adaptation.

The CSS data will be used per default.
skin\frontend\base\default\css\hcdcc_payment_frame.css (Kreditkarte)
skin\frontend\base\default\css\hcddc_payment_frame.css (Debitkarte)

They can be adapted visually by you. Be aware during the adaptation that not all CSS parameter are allowed and they will be erased by the payment. A list of the allowed parameter can be found in the extension documentation, which you can receive from the heidelpay support. (

Zugangs- und Zahldaten für unser Testsystem

Login and payment data for the sandbox environment can be found here.

Important for <= PHP 5.3.x

Versions from PHP lower than 5.4.x do have another function called Magic Quotes. (
Pursuant it has to be set OFF, because otherwise an error with the credit card will occur.