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BasicPaymentMethodTrait This class is the basic payment method trait


PaymentMethodInterface Interface for payment methods


CreditCardPaymentMethod This class will be used for every credit card transaction
DebitCardPaymentMethod This class will be used for every debit card transaction
DirectDebitB2CSecuredPaymentMethod Direct debit secured for B2C payment method
DirectDebitPaymentMethod Direct debit payment method
EasyCreditPaymentMethod Easy Credit Payment Method
EPSPaymentMethod EPS is a payment method in Austria.
GiropayPaymentMethod Giropay is a payment method from giropay GmbH in Germany.
IDealPaymentMethod iDeal is a online payment method in the netherlands.
InvoiceB2BSecuredPaymentMethod This payment method is for the secured B2B invoice.
InvoiceB2CSecuredPaymentMethod This payment method is for the secured B2C invoice.
InvoicePaymentMethod This payment method is the classic unsecured invoice.
PayolutionInvoicePaymentMethod heidelpay php-payment-api integration for Invoice by Payolution
PayPalPaymentMethod PayPal Payment Class
PostFinanceCardPaymentMethod PostFinance Card is a payment method in Switzerland.
PostFinanceEFinancePaymentMethod PostFinanceEFinance Payment Class
PrepaymentPaymentMethod Prepayment Payment Class
Przelewy24PaymentMethod Przelewy24 Payment Class
SantanderHirePurchasePaymentMethod Santander hire purchase payment method
SantanderInvoicePaymentMethod Santander invoice Payment Class
SofortPaymentMethod Sofort Payment Class